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Ms. Khamonwan Riabroy Ubon Ratchatani University (UBU): UBU is a university situated in Ubon Ratchatani province in the northeastern part of Thailand . Under the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agronomy, a laboratory under this faculty intended for Agricultural Biotechnology has been established in 1996 funded by ADB. This laboratory became functional in 2002. At present, 2 faculty members are involved in biotechnology research and 2 more are practicing biotechnology. Since 2002, more than 10 students had their special research on biotechnology and the number is continuously increasing. The laboratory had done several projects involving studies on genetic diversity of Thai landrace along Mekong river basin, oilseed sesame and papaya using several DNA markers. A project on identification of genes underlying economically important traits from Thai Landrace is currently ongoing. This laboratory is capable of supporting future endeavors in molecular plant breeding.  The participant from UBN is Ms. Khamonwan Riabroy.

National Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute

Mr.Khemkham Hongphakdy.JPG Mr.Souvanh Thadavong.JPG (NAFRI) : The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute was established in 1999 in order to consolidate agriculture and forestry research activities within Laos and develop a coordinated National Agriculture and Forestry Research System. Research programs in agriculture include plant breeding and collection and management of indigenous plant genetic resources. Agriculture Research Center (ARC) is one of the centers under NAFRI that implements National Agriculture Research Programs on food crops.

The participants from NAFRI are shown below (Left: Mr. Souvanh Thadavong, Right:  Ms. Khamta Souliyavongsi)

Cambodia Agricultural Research and Development Institute
(CARDI) : Ms.   Ouk Sothea In August 1999, CARDI was officially established as a semi-autonomous institute. Under sub-decree 74 it became a fully-fledged legal entity under the management of a director who reports to a government appointed board of directors. CARDI was designed to be autonomous in relation to its personnel, and physical and financial management. CARDI aims to conserve plant genetic materials, improve yield and quality of plant, develop plants resistant to abiotic and biotic stresses and maintain purity and quality of released plant varieties. The participant from CARDI are shown below (Ms. Ouk Sothea)

Department of Agricultural Research
Ms. Tin tin Myint Ms.Thi Dar (DAR): DAR, formerly Central Agricultural Research Institute was established in 1960 and was changed to DAR in 2004. DAR conducts research on food and industrial crops including rice. Rice breeding is one of the tasks of DAR which include breeding partitioned based on ecological type like rainfed upland, rainfed lowland, irrigated, deep water and salinity. The participants from DAR are shown below (Left:  Daw Tin Tin Myint, Right:  Daw Thi Dar)

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