Molecular Plant Breeding


 Molecular Plant Breeding

Lecture 2011  

  1.              Review on Plant Breeding Methods
    (Dr. Apichart/Dr. Theerayut) 
  2.        Self-pollinated crops
  3.        Cross-pollinated crops




  1.            Gene, Genome and Molecular Biology 
    (Dr. Apichart/Dr. Vinitchan/Dr. Watchareewan) 


  1.        Genome structure and analysis
  2.        Gene and molecular genetics
  3.        Gene expression and regulation



  1.           Genome Analysis 
    (Mr. Meechai/Dr. Jona) 


  1.        Molecular markers
  2.        Fragment analysis
  3.        SNP-indel variation
  4.        Genetic linkage map
  5.        QTL map




MIDTERM (exam and assignment)



  •           Development of MAS Project: Low resolution plant breeding 
    (Dr. Apichart/Dr. Theerayut/Dr. Jona) 


  •        MAS theory
  •        Gene pyramiding



  •            Sequence-based analysis 
    (Dr. Vinitchan/Mr. Wintai)


  •        Bioinformatics
  •        New genomic tools
  •        Microarray
  •        SFP




  •           Functional Marker Development 


  •        Map-based cloning 
     (Mr. Wintai)
  •        Candidate gene analysis (association) 
    (Dr. Vinitchan)
  •        Similarity analysis and cloning 
    (Dr. Vinitchan)
  •        Mutation analysis 
    (Dr. Watchareewan/Mr. Siriphat)



  •         SNP-based Molecular Analysis 
    (Dr. Apichart/Mr. Ekawat/Dr. Vinitchan) 


  •        SNP-based MAS
  •        Phylogenomics
  •        Association analysis







  •        High-resolution Plant Breeding 
    (Dr. Apichart/Mr. Wintai/Mr. Siriphat/Mr. Ekawat)
  •        Breeding –by-design
  •        Gene pyramiding




  •           Transgenic Plant Breeding
    (Dr. Chanate) 


FINALS (paper presentation, exam and project)

Lecture = 2 hrs. x 18 weeks = 36

Lab      = 3 hrs. x 18 weeks = 54
Total  90







Lecture ( 2007 )

0049672:Molecular plant Breeding
003579:Molecular Biology in Crop Improvement
Lecture (click view) First Semester, 2007 14.00  - 15.30 Tuesday - friday Introduction Gene, Genome, and Plant Breeding (Dr. Apichart Vanavichit) Lab: Set up molecular mapping experiments Review basic molecular techniques, Genomic DNA isolation - Genomic DNA isolation          - Genomic DNA isolation         - Gel electrophoresis                 PCR
                Southern blots Molecular Tools: Molecular Marker Technology Molecular markers and DNA fingerprinting     Homework
     Mr. Meechai
     Mr. Samart
     Mrs. Duangjai - RFLP-based marker - PCR-based markers          RAPD          AFLP         STS          EST          SSR          SSCP Data analysis (PIC value, heterozygosity)

Primer design
Lab: Demo (Staffs) Gene identification known only by phenotype

Genome mapping 
        ( Dr. Theerayut Toojinda) (4.5 hrs)             linkage map
            - Genome Mapping (Lecture)
            Linkage map construction
            - GMendel 3.0
            - JoinMap 2.0
            - Map maker 3.0 Assignment
              Manual calculate (assignment) Lab: map construction and QTL analysis (Mr. Meechai)     QTL
        mapmaker help
        QTL interaction
        qtl slides Marker-assisted selection
(Dr. Theerayut Toojinda) Lab: Paper discussion 
(Mr. Meechai, Ms. Nathinee, Ms. Jona) ____________________________________Mid-term Exam____________________________________  Molecular diversity analysis 
(Apichart) Lab: Scoring markers and analysis 
(Mr. Ekawat) Physical mapping Lab: Pulse field gel electrophoresis, STC marker (Mr. Wintai)     Presentation
        physical map 2003
        Marker Enrichment

    content map seq

    Paper PDF
        Bulk segregant analysis
        chromosome landing
        gene golfing Gene Hunting: Positional cloning (Dr.Apichart Vanavichit) Lab: Demo High resolution map and discussion         Genome sequencing, data mining and gene discovery Lab: Demo sequencing Functional genomics (Gene machine) Lab: Demo SNP, Transposon tagging )         Expression genomics and Transcription mapping (Dr. Chatchawan) Lab: Demo: Microarray, cDNA selection, SAGE, Differential display Transgenic Tools : Genetic Engineering (Apichart) Presentation:         Transformation Lab:         Gene transformation methods         Applications         Biosafety issues ____________________________________Final Exam____________________________________  
Exam Download     Mid-term Grading system
Mid-term exam : 20%
Report : 60%
Final exam : 20%



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